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April 28, 2006
Just felt like blogging

I was trying to intall this CSI game I borrowed from a friend. Too bad for me our pc is too low-tech and unupdated. BOO! anyhoo, i've been attending my summer classes for a couple of weeks now. Accounting I can take, it is the irritating heat that i cant stand. It's like everyday Mr.Sun is always out to get me. The heat doesn't just burns my already-brown skin. It's too bright I can't even see anymore! I dont care what other people think about students wearing shades with their uniform, (i personally dont like it) but it leaves me no choice. It's not my fault i have small eyes!

anyway, since i like blogs w/ pictures and since i have uploaded some pictures from my phone to my gallery, better post it here! Weee!

that's me, paying *ehem*
FULL attention in class

happy horse (right)
hinahanaphanap kita

meane. @ 10:06 PM

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April 14, 2006
back in the business

i have like 2days and about an hour before IAC (summer classes for us) starts. and because i have nothing else better to do, i realize i still have this blog. isnt my layout fab? :) im luvin it. i love orange! :) wow listen to how senseless i sound. anyway, hopefully i wont fail any subjects anymore. (yes i failed, a couple of accounting subjects actually) never thought it can actually happen. and i never thought it can be this nakakaloka. but good thing i have my family and friends with me. most especially, to Him who listened to my cries every night :)

i know He loves me.
and i <3 Him too!
shovra vig vroder.

i hope this would be a new beginning for me. for now, im happy i can blog again! wee!

meane. @ 11:06 PM

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August 29, 2005
galawgalaw baka ma-istroke

ehehe i stil have my last 3mins here in the cafe so i decided to put something up here. obviously im too caught up w/ school works. nothing important for me to share here. hehe (last minute na lang!) well i hope everyone's doing good :)

meane. @ 9:02 AM

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July 17, 2005
(belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY (to me)

big thanks
to everyone who greeted me :)
*i have more pictures to upload*

meane. @ 11:22 PM

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July 05, 2005
oh no no no

the "so far so good" thing dont apply to me anymore. it's jsut impossible. im not sure if im just being too up tight but for now i just dont think i can handle the pressure. (but i know things will be just fine) (well i hope so)

this week is my very 1st "exam" week as an accounting major. more like a hell week. i still have 2 days to cram for my tests. that's if im not too lazy to cram hehe :p

ooh ooh! CRUSH ALERT! hehehe have this mababaw crush on this guy from class wehehe :p just a happy thought! weee!

if you are a good friend, could you please be nice and pray for me? :D it would be very much appreciated!! thank you thank you!! :D (wehehehe dinadaan na lang sa ngiti)

meane. @ 11:11 PM

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June 21, 2005
so far, so good.

ETO NA. haha ACCOUNTING MAJOR NA TALAGA AKO. i've met all my professors and well, SO FAR SO GOOD. but i bet they'll be showing their "scary" side real soon. and by scary i mean the "im-gonna-fail-you" kind of attitude ;) haha BASTA. THERE'S NOTHING TO FEAR, FOR GOD IS WITH ME. :) POTATO CHIP!

** no pictures yet. too lazy to upload. blah blah blah.

meane. @ 11:08 PM

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June 08, 2005
a week's countdown

yep. there's less than a week before I go back to my daily routines. except I DONT HAVE TO WAKE UP 4am. (haha as if i realy get out of bed at that time.) now, i don't know how i should take this. i mean, i've been going to school every morning since like 1st grade and im not sure if i could deal with the time adjustments and all. i have these negative thoughts about my 11-3pm sched. papasok ako, mainit. uuwi ako, mainit pa rin. and i would have to stand outside the room (where it's hot) and wait for the am class to finish. Rar. bottom line? I STILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. haha. bummer. anyhoo, here are some random pics i have :)

me and jabi @ EK

uy new movie? haha
feeling ko pirated to. feeling ko lang ha.

meane. @ 4:48 PM

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accounting major


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